A small project utilizing the drone to take several hundred photographs of the area around New Presque Isle Lighthouse. Those images were processed into a 3D model, and then further developed into a 3D Animation shown here as an example of what mapping with a drone can accomplish.

Drone footage along the West Michigan Coast.

A short of the Grand Rapids Lantern Festival held at Millennium Park in Walker, Michigan, June 30th 2018. The footage for this event was captured for my role as photography editor at the GRCC Collegiate student newspaper.

Footage recorded and graded of the Bissell Empty the Shelter event in May 2018. With the Chief Editor Tatiana Diaz interviewing Cathy Bissell (Founder, Bissell Pet Foundation) and Rebecca Bowman (Vice President, Unleashed Love Pet Rescue).

Various clips recorded one evening in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan with focus more on capturing darker night scenes. This was a test off my older hacked camera allowing me much better video quality at the cost of most feature conveniences found in modern cameras.

Covered the “March for our Lives” event in April 2018 for the GRCC Collegiate Student newspaper. I captured, graded, and captioned the footage as well as provided photographs of the event.

A short macro video I recorded showing off one of my fountain pens (Pelikan M640) where I was trying our some pans and tilt movements on very close objects.

Interview I recorded and edited with Lauren Taylor speaking with Kent County Commissioner Robert S. Womack regarding the ongoing battle to save our Healthcare. July 2017.

I was hired to record a promotional video and photograph this ArtPrize 9 entry titled Mr. E by Kevin Kammeraad. The lighting and audio was done on location with the intention of making both the video and photographs mimic the rustic feel and portray the scene as much as possible.

I am currently doing work editing and grading the movie “Man Man: Chapter One”, as a result I put together this soundtrack music video featuring Rachel Rocheleau and her song ‘Ignite’. For this project I utilized video and audio recording provided to me and edited them together to help create a connecting look throughout the video as well as some degree of lip syncing to the provided soundtrack.

For this video I spent several hours with Kevin in the studio and on location during Art Prize 8. This is just a part for what I hope to become a small series based on all the footage and photographs I captured. In this video Kevin talks about what it means to him to be an Artist and how he is constantly in pursuit of new ideas as well as where he draws his inspiration. You can find out more about his work at http://www.kevinkammeraad.com/

I am acquainted with Kaitlyn through her brothers, Josiah and Joshua. During Art Prize this year, Kaitlyn and Josiah performed on the streets of Grand Rapids as part of the group Native Kin. I’ve recorded a few videos of them in the past, this one being the latest and probably the best quality of what I recorded. In this video Kaitlyn performs “Dance with Me” by Jesus Culture. I added a few scenes of Grand Rapids recorded that same evening.

This summer I had a somewhat obsessive need to create timelapse videos often over a period of 2 to 3 hours. In this video it was near the end of Art Prize 8 and I decided to head down to the Blue Bridge in Downtown Grand Rapids to capture a short time lapse of the cycling lights.

As I was waiting around for the camera to click away at a frame every two seconds I noticed that there was a proposal happening in front of me, so I edited the video to slow it down to around that moment.

I later learned that the newly engaged couple are Alex Saxton and Hannah Van Rees. I met Hannah shortly after with the help of WoodTV8 (7PM Segment Shown Here).

In September of 2015 I was one of the photographers for James and Rowan’s wedding. Rowan O’Dougherty was my professor for a couple years at GRCC.

Unfortunately they did not get a video of the event so as an Anniversary present I compiled this slideshow with the photos I had taken of the wedding along with a small clip a guest had recorded and put it on top of their song “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

One of my early timelapse taken over by Millennium Park in Walker, Michigan shortly before Midnight as the moon was rising above the horizon. Originally this video was created in a shorter version at 60 frames per second without music. In this version I slowed the video down to 24 frames per second, and used a small portion of “Sur le chemin de retour” out of the Sora no Woto Original Soundtrack.

An early attempt at getting familiar with the video editing software utilizing video clips I had taken around Kent County. Mostly over by Walker, Michigan or the Ada/Lowell area.

The music used in this video is  “Final Day” performed by Jeremy Arndt, a local artist and friend.