Honors & Academics

Grand Rapids Community College

  • Associate’s of Fine Arts (Winter 2018)
    • Photography Program
  • Associate’s of Applied Arts and Science (Fall 2019)
    • Web & Graphic Design Program

GRCC Academic Awards

  • 2015 — Dean’s List
  • 2016 — President’s List
  • 2017 — Dean’s List
  • 2018 — Dean’s List & President’s List


  • Janet Ketchum — POHI
  • McNabb Journalism
    • 2nd Place — Multi Media reporting (video)
    • 2nd Place — Photo Journalism.
Speaking at The 11th Annual Creating Connections Breakfast GRCC Foundation

Speaking at The 11th Annual Creating Connections Breakfast • GRCC Foundation

Work selected for Display Magazine

  • 2015 Winter — “Unbloomed from Above”
  • 2015 Fall — “The Less I Know The Better”
  • 2016 Winter — “Fish Ladder Park at Night”
  • 2016 Fall — “Tae Major”
  • 2017 Winter — “HDR of Urban Freight Tracks”

Festival of the Arts

  • 2016 — Exhibited at the UICA (Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts)
  • 2017 — Exhibited at FED Galleries (Kendall College of Art and Design)

MI Community College Press Association (2018)

  • Feature Photo — 1st Place
    • “Water lanterns lit up the night at Millennium Park”
  • Video Production — 1st Place
    • “March for Our Lives”
  • Photo Essay — 2nd Place

Michigan Press Association (2018)

  • Best Photographer — 3rd Place
  • Feature Photo – Honorable Mention

Web & Print

The designs and layouts shown here were created with the intent of being printed or published on the web, usually as HTML/CSS or PDF document.

Content is sorted from the most recent creation to the oldest. The oldest ones date back to roughly 2012, where I was regularly tasked with migrating designs, typically from photoshop, into a lightweight, fast-loading, and configurable HTML/CSS/JQuery layout for easy deployment by the client.

Illustrations, Manipulations, & Fractals

Most of the photo manipulations are done with Photoshop where I will use layers and masking quite frequently.  I have been working with Photoshop since around 2005. I became proficient in digital manipulation during my time at The Camera Center in East Grand Rapids. I was mentored by my co-worker Ellis White in the art of photo restoration.

Many of my manipulations contain several photographs, usually all of which I captured myself. For example the weird skull portrait which was exhibited in the Urban Institute of Contemporary art in 2016 is three different photographs.

The fractal renderings I have created come from a variety of sources such as freeware like MandelBulber or Chaoscope in addition to commercial software like UltraFractal. I primarily create fractal artwork as a form of relaxation and artistic expression.


A short of the Grand Rapids Lantern Festival held at Millennium Park in Walker, Michigan, June 30th 2018. The footage for this event was captured for my role as photography editor at the GRCC Collegiate student newspaper.

Some of the video creation and editing work I have done. Most of my personal work currently falls into the style of photojournalism or video documentary. I am looking to expand this into areas such as promotional videos and short reels.

The bulk of my editing and grading is done with Davinci Resolve Studio which I’ve come to prefer over Adobe Premiere, especially in regards to color grading and the use of the node trees. All of the videos I’ve selected to show here have been processed thru Davinci Resolve.

For the video covering the March 4 our Lives event in April 2018, I was awarded 1st place for Video Production from the Michigan Community College Press Association.

Covered the “March for our Lives” event in April 2018 for the GRCC Collegiate Student newspaper. I captured, graded, and captioned the footage as well as provided photographs of the event.

I was hired to record a promotional video and photograph this ArtPrize 9 entry titled Mr. E by Kevin Kammeraad. The lighting and audio was done on location with the intention of making both the video and photographs mimic the rustic feel and portray the scene as much as possible.

In 2016 I had a somewhat obsessive need to create timelapse videos often over a period of 2 to 3 hours. In this video it was near the end of Art Prize 8 and I decided to head down to the Blue Bridge in Downtown Grand Rapids to capture a short time lapse of the cycling lights.

As I was waiting around for the camera to click away at a frame every two seconds I noticed that there was a proposal happening in front of me, so I edited the video to slow it down to around that moment.

I later learned that the newly engaged couple are Alex Saxton and Hannah Van Rees. I met Hannah shortly after with the help of WoodTV8 (7PM Segment Shown Here).

A short macro video I recorded showing off one of my fountain pens (Pelikan M640) where I was trying our some pans and tilt movements on very close objects.


Photography is both my passion and the skill that I am the most proficient in since roughly 2004. I spend a lot of my time walking, almost always with a camera. During my enrollment in the photography program at GRCC I would only get out in the evening which led to a lot of my personal projects to be long exposure photos in the evening. I earned my Associates of Fine Arts with Photography Emphasis in 2018.

I am familiar with most forms of photography including studio lighting, art reproduction, landscapes, infrared, long exposure, portraiture, photojournalism, and event photography to name a few.   I am still quite drawn to various niches of photography such as infrareds, high dynamic range, and long exposure photography. This includes making large composites capable of printing larger than 96 inches wide.